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Welcome to Wings Victoria
Celebrating Neurodiversity -  in all its forms with an abilities first and positive approach to life.
Every Autistic individual is respected for who they are and their needs being met in a diverse world.
Our values are an ableing attitude of strengths, peer connections & opportunities.
We strive to support the individual , family & community who self identify with or have a diagnosed Autism Spectrum Condition -  ASD,ADD/ADHD & related conditions.

We are all created uniquely - autism, different not less.

Our Mission 

Autism, Access, Abilities and Action

Fundraising to provide the following resources :

Commencement of a Wings Kids Home Club for school aged children with an autism spectrum condition as of December 2016 to April 2017.  Recommening mid 2018

Art and Music Therapy commenced June 2017 and run by our Volunteer Art Therapist Julie Mirchelson. With Emily Mitchelson and Tania Quinn running Music Therapy.
Both Art and Music Therapy have been put on hold until we obtain more volunteers. 

Access to Seminars or Workshops presented by Qualified Neurodiverse Educators, Psychologists and the Allied Health team for families , carers of children and young adults with an autism spectrum condition as well as any interested community members.

Sensory Friendly Activities and Community Linkages with existing community house programs, library clubs, coding, lego etc, community gardens and business networks. 

Establishing a regular monthly carers walk and morning tea with the Plently Valley Community Health Team, date TBA. 

Provide access to advice and networking for education transitioning.
Advocacy, information on individual education accomodations, planning goals & networking with existing education programs for parents and carers

​WINGS AGM was held on Tuesday 9th May 2018 position changes and mintues will appear soon
Wings Victoria
Group Programs are run by our Dedicated Volunteers
Please note that all children must be supervised by their parents, carers.
Whilst we move to incoporate over the new year a Gold Coin donation for each group is in place and we are kindly being auspiced by the Whittlesea Community House inc.
Alternatively family memberships are now also available at a cost of $20pa. Benfits include monthly email newsletter, and priority access to events and monthly programs at no additional cost.